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Lose Weight Fast and Safely

In the old days people ate whatever they wanted, when they wanted it, and just about as much as they wanted to without worrying about gaining weight. Sadly in modern times that is no longer the case. The reason for this is that in the old days you didn’t have the machinery to do the physical work for you so you were working hard 12 to 14 hours a day and you would burn off those excess calories. Today we have machines that do all that labor with the push of a button so don’t work off the food we eat.

When we’re young we can eat a lot more because we’re more active and our metabolism is more active. We often take these eating habits into our adult lives and as a consequence wind up gaining weight. Here are some tips on how to lose weight fast but safely and keep it off.

Don’t go on crash diets. You can’t survive forever on these diets. When you start eating normally again you will gain back any weight you’ve lost and maybe more.

Don’t starve yourself. Your body needs some food for energy and your brain won’t function as well. You can also damage your digestive track and heart beyond repair.

Don’t skip meals. If you skip meals you will be much more apt to cheat because you’re hungry. When you do eat you will consume much more. It’s better to eat 3 or 4 times and consume small portions.

When you eat chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly. This allows your body to realize when you’ve had enough and you won’t overeat. It takes a while for your body to realize it’s full.

Eat breakfast within an hour of waking. If you wait to long you will be very hungry and eat too much. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because your body needs the energy in order to function but you don’t want to eat too much.

Eat proteins. About 30% of your diet should consist of proteins. They provide energy and you will stay full longer.

Don’t drink soda or sweetened drinks. They just provide a lot of empty calories. If you drink just 2 sodas a day you add 300 calories. If you drink coffee or tea drink it black don’t add cream or sugar.

Set small goals that are easy to achieve. That way you will feel that you are making progress toward the larger weight loss goal and will not get discouraged.

I hope these tips help answer “How do I lose weight fast?”

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