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How To Use Credit Cards

Credit cards are very handy when you go to buy anything. They are almost a necessity when you go to order anything these days. There are a lot of businesses these days that won’t even accept a check anymore. You need to have cash or a credit card.

When you carry cash it’s bulky especially if you are carrying a lot. It’s dirty and unsafe to carry. If you have a card you don’t have to carry cash and it eliminates all of these problems.

When you buy something on credit you usually have a 60 day warranty on your purchases. When you pay with cash or check you don’t have this benefit.

If you get robbed you can keep the thief from getting anything by cancelling the card and ordering another one. If you lose it you can do the same thing. If you are carrying cash you are just out of luck.

If you buy on credit you can track your purchases. You can check online and keep track of what you buy and when you bought it. This helps you budget your purchases.

There are a few things you have to remember when using a bad credit, credit card. You have to remember they are not a substitute for having money.

You have plan your credit purchases. You have to determine what you need and what is something that you want. You only want to pay for things you need with credit. You should save for the things you want. You need to make sure that you don’t go over your spending limits. It will cost you way to much in interest and over the limit charges.

Don’t use credit to buy everyday purchases. If you can’t pay for these at the time you probably won’t be able to pay it all back and it will keep building up a balance.

Pay more than the minimum payment. If you don’t you will take 30 years to pay back and wind up paying triple or more of the balance in interest.

Don’t buy things you can’t afford. Just because you have a $5000 limit doesn’t necessarily mean you can spend that much.

Most people who get in trouble with credit don’t even realize they were in trouble until it was too late. Credit card companies make it sound like they are running a charity but they’re not. Just get behind on your payments and see how nasty they get.

If you use a credit card in the right way it can be a handy tool. If used wrongly it can get you in trouble fast.

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