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Do Looks Matter In Dating

Do you wonder whether your looks matter when you are trying to find love. The fact is that looks do matter. What most guys don’t realize is that good looks can also be a liability. For example if you are very good looking, she’s going to wonder why you are talking to her instead of another girl that she perceives as better looking or she might assume right away that you’re a player who is after just one thing.

Now that we’ve established the fact that looks do make a difference, and that some women might be more open to your approach initially, it’s how you talk to and how well you can carry on a conversation that determines if you are going to get anywhere with her. If you can’t hold a conversation, and I don’t mean asking the same old boring questions that 50 other guys have asked her already, you’re not going to be able to find love. It doesn’t matter how good looking or not you are.

Most guys are just trying to give themselves a justifiable excuse as to why they failed or seem to always fail with women. The easiest one is I’m not good looking enough.

This is a lot of horse crap! It’s about how you talk to women, not how you look. If you are confident and can carry on a conversation you will find love. As you can clearly see, just being good looking doesn’t mean you will be successful with women.

All of us have seen the skinny, ugly, dorky guy, who drives an old rust-bucket car, who has a couple of gorgeous women hanging on his arm. Have you ever wondered how he does it? What they see in him? It’s probably because he can hold a fun conversation with them. You notice I said fun not funny. What’s funny for one person may not be funny for another. Besides being funny all the time isn’t possible. Having fun is much easier.

Personally when I approach a woman I like to ask her opinion on something. One of the reasons for this is her answer will often determine if continue the conversation or if I’m wasting my time and hers and should look elsewhere. I mean if she can’t answer the question intelligently why would you stick around?

If you invested your money the way most men invest their time in women, you’d be broke. Why keep up the pursuit if she doesn’t meet your qualifications or doesn’t interest you. Just because she looks good, isn’t a very good reason to stick around if she’s not interesting and you’re not compatible.

The most common problem I’ve found that men have and that women are looking for is not how good looking you are but the inability to carry on an interesting, fun conversation. You have to be able to do this in order to find love. Remember not to use your looks as an excuse to take yourself out of the game.

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