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How Do I Stop Smoking

How do I stop smoking? How many attempts will it take before I quit for good? In all honesty it usually takes at least two attempts for you to successfully quit smoking without addiction treatment alternatives. While most people would love to quit on the first attempt it is generally necessary to have a minimum of two attempts. The reason for this is that the first time they try to quit people tend to think it will be easy for them. Even though they’ve heard how hard it is to quit they still think it will be easy for them. It catches them completely off guard when it’s not as easy as they think.

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and it is not easy to break the addiction. It’s not something that can always be done in a single attempt. If you try to quit on your own and go cold turkey with no help you will often find that your chances of success are much lower. It’s almost always necessary to get some form of help or you probably won’t be successful. That’s why it typically takes more than 1 try to quit. However no matter how many attempts you make it’s better to plan to quit for good every time you try to quit.

You will find that if you have made a plan to quit that it will help you to succeed, sometimes even on the first attempt. If you are aware of the challenges that you are facing and the reasons that you smoke it will allow you to write out a plan that works. Creating a plan will allow you to identify the times buy CBD products places when you are going to have the most temptation to light up. When you identify the problem areas you can plan to avoid them or plan to get some extra help during these times. By having this plan in place you will have a much better success rate than if you just wing it.

Just trying to stop smoking on a whim rarely works. You run into a bunch of problems that take you by surprise and you wind up giving in to them. If you have a plan and stick to it you can succeed the first time. If you do fail the first time remember that you are not alone and keep trying until you succeed.

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